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At Stress Center Wellness we work hard to ensure the accessibility of all of our materials. We are excited about our online courses, which feature a combination of video, audio, text, reflection, and quizzes to make sure you connect to the material - whatever your learning style! Our first course, The Simple Stress Solution, is based on the bestselling Stress Center Books workbook. Check out our course trailer below!

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Dynamic Video

Former university lecturer Vern Ward teaches this course with engaging videos that include captivating animations!

Lesson Quizzes

Short quizzes after each section help reinforce key concepts and let you know you are on the right track!

In-Depth Handouts

Each lesson contains an in-depth handout, with information and examples that go beyond what is covered in the video lectures!

Personal Reflection

Fillable PDF worksheets allow for you to help cement your new-found knowledge and make lasting changes to your life!


Are you stressed out? Is stress dragging you down, and interfering with your life and relationships? Are you feeling stuck, and desperate for a way to get out? You are not alone - and yes, there is a way out! 

Dr. Calista and Vern Ward have spent the past twenty years assisting clients in navigating their way through stressful times. Through their work they enable people to move forward in their lives, despite overwhelming circumstances or relationship difficulties. In this course brought to you by Stress Center Wellness, you will learn the root of your stress and how to eliminate its negative effects. Rather than focusing on just relieving symptoms of stress, we invite you to follow a simple, but proven pathway guaranteed to assist you in: 

1. Identifying Your Stress

2. Understanding Your Stress

3. Reducing Your Stress

Only have 5-10 minutes a day? No problem! This course is designed to be digested in small sections packed with insight. The course features 22 different lectures. Each video lecture includes dynamic, in person presentation from Vern Ward, and engaging animated illustrations to bring the key points home. Also included are lesson handouts which cover the material from each lecture and go "in-depth" for further learning opportunity. Also included are fillable PDF worksheets, so that you can apply the concepts learned to your own life and situations. And if that wasn't enough, there are short quizzes after each lecture to ensure you are grasping the main concepts.

This course includes: 

1. 1.5 hours of video of dynamic instruction from Vern Ward with animated illustrations!

2. Downloadable handouts with deeper insights that build off course videos!

3. Fillable PDF Worksheets to apply concepts to your own life! 

4. Lesson quizzes to help with learning retention!

5. BONUS: Free access to the Stress Center Community private Facebook group!

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