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Stress Center Wellness condenses the latest  psychological research into easily understandable and applicable principles. Workplace stress has a huge impact on productivity and your bottom line. According to one study, "1 in 5 [employees] experience a mental health problem or illness each year, equating to 500,000 employees unable to work every week due to mental health problems or illnesses." That doesn't take into account people that have their productivity dip because of mental health concerns. Investing in your employees mental health is not only a moral obligation, it has huge fiscal implications as well! A workplace environment designed with employee mental health in mind kickstarts productivity, reduces mental and physical fatigue, and dramatically increases profits!

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Stress Center Wellness founders Dr. Calista and Vern Ward are experienced educators who captivate their audiences. Whether it be an in-person retreat or seminar, or a conference hosted virtually, their clear instruction brings about real change quickly. 

Another tool that Stress Center Wellness offers is dual-medium seminars. Your organization can receive a discount rate on some of our bestselling courses, including The Simple Stress Solution course, for your employees to access. Then, Dr. Calista and Vern Ward host live follow-up sessions allowing for questions to be asked, and helping the your employees apply stress reducing material to your own organizational needs!

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Getting a customized mental health solution for your workplace might be the best investment that you will ever make. Learn about how Stress Center Wellness can help your unique situation and contact us today!

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